Falkland Island Shores

This classic book dates from 1985 but remains a useful guide to this fascinating area. Written by Ewen Southby-Tailyour based on his time in the Falklands before and during the 1982 war it provides a superb introduction to the islands and details of many anchorages and passages around the archipelago..

Pete and Annie Hill explored the islands in 1993-4. They have written a very detailed pilot supplement to be used in conjunction with Southby-Tailyour's book. The supplement expands on the original text, reflecting the changes that have taken place in the Islands since the 1982 Conflict. It includes details on the numerous anchorages in the area, with many new supporting sketch plans, and provides advice on 'living' in the Islands on a small yacht based on their experiences in 'Badger'. The supplement, which can be freely downloaded as a pdf file, forms an essential companion to the book..

More recent information can be found in The RCC Pilotage Foundation book 'Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters' published by Imray in 2017. The author, Paul Heiney, has included a section on the Falkland Islands which includes a number of additional chartlets. Supplement No 1 to this book includes updates to 2018.

  • Edition: 1st 1985
  • ISBN: 0-85177-341-9
  • 25.00

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Supplements & Updates

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20/11/1996 Falkland Island Shores Supplement 1996