Updates and Supplements

The table below lists all the currently available updates and supplements for our publications. These are also downloadable from the individual publication pages of this website.

PublicationEditionLanguageDate Supplement IssuedDownload Supplement
Arctic & Northern Waters2nd 2020English08/05/2024 Supplement No 1 2024
Norway4th 2022English23/04/2024 Supplement No 2 2024
South Biscay8th 2023English23/04/2024 Supplement No 1 2024
Mediterranean Spain2nd 2021English23/04/2024 Supplement No 3 2024
Atlantic Spain & Portugal8th 2019English23/04/2024 Atlantic Spain & Portugal Supplement No 6 2024
Atlantic France3rd 2023English21/03/2024 Atlantic France 3rd Edition Supplement No 1 (2024)
North Africa5th 2023English06/10/2023 North Africa Supplement No 6 2019 for previous edition
Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula & North Brittany2nd 2023English12/05/2023 Review by Peter Pitcher
Atlantic Islands7th 2021English04/05/2023 Supplement No 1 2023
Isles of Scilly6th 2020English23/03/2023 Supplement No 1 2023
Atlantic France2nd 2018English16/03/2023 Atlantic France Supplement No 5 (2023)
Islas Baleares (English edition)11th 2018English19/01/2022 Islas Baleares Supplement No 3 2021
Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula & North BrittanyRev1 2018English09/12/2021 Channel Islands etc Supplement No 2 2020
Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters1st 2017English17/06/2021 Cape Horn & Antarctic Waters Supplement No 2 2021
South Biscay7th 2012English17/06/2021 South Biscay Supplement 10 May 2021
The Baltic Sea and Approaches4th 2017English17/06/2021 Baltic Sea & approaches Supplement 2 2021
Norway3rd 2016English27/03/2020 Norway Supplement No 3 March 2020
Mediterranean Spain1st 2017English11/03/2020 Mediterranean Spain Supplement 4 2020
North Africa4th 2010English03/12/2019 North Africa Supplement No 6 2019
Atlantic Islands6th 2016English05/09/2019 Atlantic Islands Supplement No 5 2019
Pacific Crossing Guide3rd 2016English04/09/2018 Pacific Crossing Guide Supplement 1 2018
Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 1 1st 2014English16/08/2018 Brazil Supplement 3 2019
The Black Sea1st 2012English02/05/2017 Black Sea Supplement No 5 2017
South Atlantic Islands1st 2010English06/04/2017 Supplement No 1 2017
South Atlantic Circuit1st 2002English31/03/2017 South Atlantic Circuit Supplement No 1 2008
South Atlantic Circuit1st 2002English31/03/2017 South Atlantic Circuit Supplement No 2 2009
Havens and Anchorages1st 2002English31/03/2017 Havens & anchorages Supplement No 1 2009
Argentina2nd 2009English19/09/2016 Argentina Supplement No 1
Falkland Island Shores 1st 1985English20/11/1996 Falkland Island Shores Supplement 1996
The Morbihan West France1st 2020English  Atlantic France Supplement 3
Balearic Islands12th 2023English  Islas Baleares Supplement No 3 2021