Ascension Island

Updates to RCCPF Notes on South Atlantic Islands

Kit Power reports the following updates and corrections :

Under “General”
after “….snorkelling” add : but on most beaches there is an extremely dangerous undertow and swimming from the shore is prohibited except on two good and safe beaches at Comfortless Cove and English Bay .

after “….to be seen” add : Clarence Bay, near Georgetown, is one of the best for seeing the turtles.

Under “Approach”
delete: “The tanker Maersk……at night”. And add “Tanker “Rapier” occasionally moors and refills tanks ashore via the floating pipeline.”

Under “Anchorage”
add after “….swell is from the north.” : The official advice is that yachts may anchor in the area to the north of the pier head in Georgetown and must use their own anchors.

Under “Landing”
In line 1, after “….Pier” add: this is the only place where landing is permitted.

Under “Formalities”
Delete first two sentences from “Call at……person” and insert: On arrival yachts must report to the Assistant Harbour master at the pier head and to the Police station which is in the town square. Office hours are 0800 – 1230 and 1330 – 1600 Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, yachts arriving must report arrival to Ascension Radio on ch16. Visitors to Ascension are required to obtain an entry permit before arrival. This can be obtained from or from the customs/port office on St Helena. In 2017 An entry permit fee of £20 per person (children under 12 £5) is payable at the Police Office. Light dues of £15 per vessel are payable at Assistant Harbour Master’s Office. The landing of animals is strictly prohibited.

Delete last sentence re Harbour dues.

Under “Facilities”
After “….maps and leaflets.” Add: A fuel barge is available to deliver diesel to boats, but water can only be taken in cans and drinking water is available from a coin operated tap near the landing steps. No gas bottles of any sort are available on the island.

After “….hospital on the island.” Add: Showers and laundry facilities are available on the pier head - £1.00 each.
The Obsidian Hotel is virtually the only restaurant where you can eat ashore and you must book the day before. At Two Boats, there is a bar which can also provide snacks.

Last sentence of para 2 change “His” to “This”

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