St Helena

Updates to RCCPF Notes on South Atlantic Islands

Kit Power reports the following updates and corrections :

Under “General”
In line 2 amend to”…a population of about 4,500, which is….”
Delete last sentence and insert: An airport was completed in 2016 but technical problems of wind shear have prevented it operating except for emergency medevac flights. It may become operational in early 2018 using smaller airliners. For now the only way to reach St Helena is by sea from Capetown or Ascension Island.

Under “Anchorage”
Delete from “The most popular place......wreck shown on the chart.”
Insert after “…parts of James Bay.” : “24 mooring buoys have been laid in the west part of James Bay and yachts are expected to use these. Yellow buoys max weight 20 tons, max length 50 feet. Red buoys max weight 50 tons, max length 60 feet. Larger yachts must anchor to seaward of the moorings. When the RMS St Helena or a cruise ship is in harbour there is frequent lighter traffic.”
Amend times of Harbour Authority launch service – now from 0600 to 1800, costs £2 per round trip per person. Call launch on Channel 16.
After “…dinghy ashore.” Add “There is a whip for hauling off at the landing which is sometimes available for visitors.”
After “…tricky.” Add “There are a mass of floating ropes in the approach to the landing.”

Under “Formalities”
Amend to: “….call the harbour radio on channel 14 when 10 miles off.”
Add after “…they will advise you…” : “…which buoy to pick up according to tonnage and ….”
Amend “In 2017 a landing fee of £17 (free if you stay less than 72 hours)….”
Amend “…at approx £2 per day (2017)”
Replace last sentence with “The harbour Master’s office is in the main white building on the wharf. In 2017 harbour dues were £35 per visit plus £2 per day. ”

Under “Facilities”
Delete “Toilets and cold showers…..rudimentary. Another set of”
Delete “It is expensive at £1 per litre (2008)”
Last para delete “The tours are free” and replace with “A combined ticket which covers as many visits as you like to Napoleon’s Residences and his tomb can be bought from either residence”

Under “Money”
Add: “UK notes and coins are accepted everywhere in parallel with local currency.”

Under “Communications”
First line, second para add “RMS” before “St Helena”

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