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17 Grundarfjörður 64°55’N 23°15’W
Tide 1·8, 3·9 Charts 42, 426
A fishing port in attractive surroundings at the head of Grundarfjörður. There are two quays within the breakwatered harbour. The NW quay has a busy commercial fish processing plant. There is a small boat harbour and wooden quay in the SE corner.
The distinctive hill, Kirkjufell, is an obvious landmark between Krossnes Lt and the harbour. It is one of Iceland’s most photographed landscapes.
It is a pleasant port of call, with splendid scenery and excellent walking country.
From the W, Krossnes lighthouse (Fl(4)WRG.20s) and the low-lying islet of Melrakkaey are useful for locating the Vesturboði buoy (Fl.R.5s) that marks the pass through extensive outlying shoals.
If approaching from the N or E, note that a reef extends to the NW of Melrakkaey and it is therefore preferable to leave the island to starboard, when entering. A red port hand buoy 6 cables ESE of Melrakkaey marks the eastern side of the channel and the foul ground beyond.

1. Anchor in peace and quiet off the E end of the beach in the SE corner of the fjord or off the S shore to the E of the harbour.
2. Berth on the north side of the 24m floating pontoon in the middle of the harbour. The south side is used by the whale-watching boat, Laki.
3. Berth on the tyre clad quays or on the wooden quay in the SE corner as directed by the Harbour Master.
Supermarket, post office, alcohol shop, cafes and resturants. Good tourist information centre. Horses can be hired from Kverná, the farm at the head of the fjord.

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