Patreksfjörður 65°36’N 24°00’W

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27 Patreksfjörður 65°36’N 24°00’W
Tide 1·3, 3·1 Charts 41, 42
A busy fishing harbour. The town (population 650) is now known as Patreksfjörður; although Vatneyri, on which the harbour is built, appears on older charts. There is a large fish-freezing plant here, which has a big export trade.
The approach is straightforward, but note rocks to SW of Blakksnes, as well as just off Tálkni.
1. The small boat harbour, the quay on the port side has at least 3m alongside for most of its length but is too small for larger yachts.
2. Alongside the tyre clad quay walls as directed by the Harbour Master (mob: 569 1715). Do not berth near the ‘knuckle’ of the quay as big vessels turn on it.
3. It is possible to anchor close in, to the E of the eyri, with depths of 4m within 20m of the shore.
4. Good anchorage may be found in Ósafjörður in 9m, at the head of the fjord.

A charge of 1,000 IK is made per boat per night.
Water is laid on to the quay. The berthing fee includes use of showers and washing machine. Supermarket and alcohol store near the quay and a second supermarket and bakery beyond the church. Diesel available. Excellent outdoor swimming pool close to the church.
The S shore of the fjord has an interesting museum at Hnjótur, with an eclectic collection of Icelandic agricultural implements and bric-a-brac. Excellent trout fishing in a nearby lake.
If stormbound, a trip to the Dynjandi waterfall is much recommended.

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