Rev Ed p 123. 85 Djúpivogur (Berufjörður) ?64°40’N 14°17’W
Tide 1·6, 2·0 Charts 74, 720
A well sheltered natural harbour with comparatively easy access. Very welcoming and helpful Harbour Master.
Papey and its off-lying rocks and shoals should be left to the W and S. Papey is not a good radar target in poor visibility. Hvalbakur (64°36’N 13°17’W) is an isolated, dangerous rock with radar reflector and AIS beacon lies about 20M E of Papey. Karlsstaðatangi lighthouse (Fl(2)WRG.10s) on the N shore may not be conspicuous in some conditions. The channel into the harbour,between shoal and rocks, and is marked by two green and one red lit buoys.
In poor visibility, if the leading line (209° Oc.R.6s) or the buoys can not be seen, it may be better to sail up the fjord and anchor until conditions improve.
There is 390m of quay wall with tyre fenders and limited pontoon berths which are largely occupied by local boats. Berth as directed by the Harbour Master or as convenient. The N part is used by larger vessels and the head of the harbour is shallow and full of small boat moorings. €10 per night (2017).
There are also two or three possible anchorages 5M or so up Berufjörður, at Gautavík, Skálavík and at the head of the fjord.
Water, fuel, gas, lub oil etc is available on the quay. Supermarket, post office/bank, hotel and gift/craft shop. The cultural centre has a local museum and cafe. Swimming pool. Cruise ships berth at Innri-Gledivik, the harbour 4 cables to the NW of Djúpivogur and a short walk from the main fishing harbour. The “Gleðivik Eggs,” sculptures by Sigurður Guðmundsson, representing the eggs of 34 birds breeding in the locality are displayed at Innri-Gledivik. Hotel Framtið was shipped in pieces from Copenhagen in 1906 and is now a popular tourist destination. Laundry facilities and Information Centre at the camping site. There are a number of walks nearby - details of which are available from the Information Centre.

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