Addition to the 4th edition:

The extended harbour is finished, so it got quite big and it gives good protection in the strong North-West winds.
The place for visitors is indeed alongside the quay in front of the Captainerie. But don't worry, there will be staff available to point a pace. The port got quite busy with fishingboats, diving boats and "pirate boats" so probably you will moor alongside other yachts or boats.

The charges changed and are the same in all the fishingports of Tunesia:
1 TD per meter per day
+ 2 TD per gross Ton per visit.
so when you stay here 3 days for example, it will cost you about 12 euro's. That's a relief when you come from the European side :)

The authorities do ask for Bakseesh here again, but in a friendly and they don't force. I think it has to do with the economic decline since the Arabic Spring.

Most of the water and electricityboxes on the quay are broken, So the yachts need to make turns to connect to water or electricity, wich is not really a problem. The harbourmaster, Marhuan asks extra money for water, showers and electricity but i'm not sure if this is official ;)

The showers are there, and they work but it is in a delipidated state. Don't expect any luxury, but it is possible to enjoy a warm shower here. We found laundry from the harbourmasters family hanging crisscrossed trought the shower facilities, and fishing tackle in te floor :)

It is again possible to visit the Genoese castle on Tabarka Island. You can obtain permission trough the tourist office. (an experience on itself because of the overwhelmingly friendly Director)

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