anchorage around Korbous

This area is beautiful to spend a few nights on the anchor. People told us that it is not possible during winter, but when you wait for calm weather, or South-east winds it is perfect. This bay where the indicator is located has on both sides some rocks in the water that break the small swell and make it calm inside.

On the beach you find a hot water source. It is a beautiful place to have a warm bath in nature, especially during winter or in the evenings when it is calm and quiet. When you go a little further south there is a hot water source that ends in the sea, where you can swim in the sea with hot water from the source. Locals try to do something about the pollution here, because there are many people that don't care about it and just trow rubbish everywhere. I hope you find it in a clean and natural state.

When there comes a bit west in the wind this bay gets choppy so it is better to move around the corner to " Robinson creek". You can anchor quite close to the beach in sand with some rocks. It is good to lay a stern anchor or line to the side to make sure you don't hit the sides when the wind turns. With strong North or west winds it is not safe to stay in either of these anchorages.

When you like octopus, you can catch them here. local spear-fishermen are catching big octopus here. When you don't like to hunt for them yourselves you can buy one from them.

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