Cap a L'Aigle,North Quebec

A small but well protected mole harbour blistered onto the side of a piece of coastline which otherwise offers very little protection from the prevailing winds. It is the only deep water harbour for quite a distance around that can be entered by yachts at all states of the tide and for many local yachtsmen this is their first stop outbound from Quebec or last stop inbound.  This in itself is enough to make it a bustling little harbour in the height of the season.

The marina is very friendly and well run with all the normal facilities one would expect from a full service marina including a wifi service on the pontoons that is distinctly better than average for a marina. There is a considerable tidal range here but most berths seem to have comfortably in excess of 2.0m at LWS, the only exception being the fuel pontoon which is only accessible above half tide.

The entrance to the mole harbour is particularly exposed to winds from an east or north easterly direction and even in light northeasterly winds of less than 10 knots a significant lop build up at the entrance on the ebb tide. It would almost certainly be dangerous to enter in strong north easterly winds with an ebb flowing.

Above the marina office is a recently refurbished Bistro restaurant serving excellent food with a great view over the river. The nearest shops are beyond comfortable walking distance but the marina office can arrange a taxi for those needing to re provision.

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