Jeddore - Nova Scotia

The first really sheltered harbour if heading north from Halifax and an obvious first stopping point if day hopping up the coast. The entrance is well marked but we imagine could be very challenging to enter or leave in a strong onshore  wind, especially if the tide is ebbing. 

There is an anchorage marked on the chart just off Bakers point but the tide runs very strongly here and there are better anchorages to be found at the head of the harbour. The 2 wharves on either side of the harbour at this point are not suitable for yachts.

Of the 2 bays at the head of the harbour the western one is the more scenic and is entered, rather counterintuitively, through a buoyed channel which  is shown on the chart as being the shallower of the 2 channels running either side of the shoal guarding the entrance. Nonetheless we carried 4 m through the marked channel at LW.

Once inside the western bay you can either anchor in the outer bay or proceed into the inner bay, passing to the east of Mackerel Island, halfway between the island and the mainland shore. There are a number of private moorings at the head of the bay but plenty of space to anchor elsewhere.

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