Bras D'Or Lakes - Cape Breton

Unlike the northern entrance to the Bras d'Or Lakes where entry has to be timed to coincide with slack water, the St Peters Lock at the southern entrance to the Lakes allows all tide entry. However the lock, which is manned by Parks Canada and is free to transit, is only open during normal working hours. 

If arriving outside of lock opening times, which may be the case after a long haul up from the Nova Scotia east shore, then there are 3 coves to the south of the entrance in which one can anchor to await lock opening the following morning. It is also possible to tie up alongside the wall at the entrance to the lock if you don't mind the copious mosquitoes and black flies

However all of these are open to swell from the south and in our experience even lying alongside the entrance wall can be uncomfortable if the wind is blowing hard from the south. In strong southerly winds it may be advisable to time one's arrival to coincide with lock opening times. D'Escousse, about 8 nautical miles to the SW of the entrance offers reasonable shelter in these conditions, although the holding is only average and the narrow entrance channel is unlit.

Once through the lock there are many anchoring possibilities or you can come alongside St Peter's marina, which is highly spoken of by those who have stayed there. St Peter's has a lively live music scene during the summer season and at least one of the bars has a band playing most nights.

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