There are two entrances to Fogo Harbour and neither is safe in bad weather or if there is a heavy swell from the north. In these circumstances use Seldom, on the island’s south coast.

The eastern entrance to Fogo is easier and safer and is buoyed, however even in fine weather I would be reluctant to enter at night. The Western Tickle is very narrow with a clear width of 36m between rocks. It breaks right across in heavy weather and is a fine-weather option only.

Anchorage and Docking:
The recommended anchorage off Wigwam Point has a great deal of kelp over a bottom of gravel and sandy mud. Once through the kelp the holding is only fair and because of the kelp the chance of the anchor resetting after a wind shift is poor. On each of the three occasions that Iron Bark has anchored there the anchor has come up entangled in a huge ball of kelp.

There is a safe alongside berth inside the outer arm of the government dock but it is grubby. It is adjacent to the fish plant with its attendant odours and a grit blows off the dock on to the vessel’s deck, but the berth has excellent shelter from all winds. There is a small charge for using the dock, but it is difficult to find anyone to pay. Water can be had by jerry can from the unloading dock. There is no diesel available in the town

There is a small supermarket with a liquor store attached, a clothing store, coffee shop with wifi, post office and basic hardware store, but no laundry.

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